Learn How These Healthy Snacks Came to Be

Get to know Charma of Flint, MI

Charma Dompreh grew up in a small town called Hamilton, Ohio, which is located 15 miles outside Cincinnati. She is the oldest of seven siblings – six sisters and one brother. In her town, Charma's family was well known for their musical abilities. Charma thought she wanted to be a recording artist, but she found herself increasingly curious about food instead. She also strived to imitate her mom who, to plenty of people, was the best cook who ever lived.

Charma's mom showed her the ins and outs of cooking and baking from scratch. Charma's first culinary experiments came after she found a cookbook in her dining room closet, filled with unfamiliar recipes and ingredients. After graduating from Central State University a semester early, she spent her time preparing daily dinners by tweaking cookbook recipes for her school-age siblings and working mother. Everyone loved her dishes, and she shared this love of food with her children as well. Her son is now an assistant principal at Carmen Ainsworth High School, and her daughter is the former coordinator for Teach for America.

Charma never dreamed she would retire and open a business, but the obesity epidemic inspired her to create healthy and delicious snacks that she could share with her family and community. As a mom and a creative cook, it just made sense to Charma! So now Charma is also a green chip designer with her own line of green alternative products.

Charma changes the world

Charma is very invested in the Flint, MI community and wants to use her business to give back. Here are a few of Charma’s community-centered aspirations:

  • Serve the community by providing healthy snack alternatives
  • Mentor other entrepreneurs in the food industry
  • Provide employment for vulnerable populations
  • Create healthy eating educational campaigns

Turn to Charma's Green Chips for vegan, raw, gluten-free snacks local to flint Michigan.